Intermediate & Advanced Class

This class is for Green Belts – Red Belts and Dan Members only
Class Times are Tuesday & Thursday Evenings from 7:00pm-8:00pm | Saturday Morning (Mixed Class) from 11:00am – Noon is also open to advanced members.

Our advanced program gives GM Baird an opportunity to work with intermediate and advanced level members at TBTSDC on advanced hyungs ( forms), techniques, weapons training, and a somewhat modified curriculum than the other classes. Great class and a great workout.

Why do most people sign up for a Martial Arts? There are numerous reasons. Most People associate Martial Arts training with getting stronger, staying fit, improving self-defense skills. These are all valid reasons. However, does Martial Arts Training help you cope with everyday life’s challenges? Regular training in a well-rounded martial Arts program does so in many ways. Here are just a few.

Boost Confidence – It this a known fact that members who train in martial arts classes typically exude a boost in self–esteem and confidence. This most definitely transfers to their everyday activities and relationships.

Improve Overall Health – This is a no-brainer. Regular Martial Arts training helps to improve both strength and cardio endurance, as well as improving muscle tone and weight control. This means you are less likely to experience aches and pains, to become out from everyday activities or to suffer from obesity –related illnesses and conditions.

Improve Flexibility – Another known fact! As we get older, we lose that range of movement. Sad but true. At TBTSDC we strive every single class to improve on flexibility based exercises. Regular stretching is so important.

Improving Cognitive Skills – Is this important? Have you ever had trouble remembering things? Sometimes, even remembering what you did the day before. Our systematic approach addresses this ten-fold through a multitude of activity based exercise, ( forms or hyungs, as we call them) and terminology exercises. I have never told a student this will get easier. It will challenge you, but in a fun and meaningful way. Even a new member, starting off slowly and 

methodically learning the basic forms, which consist of 21 or so movements, will reap so many benefits. You are memorizing the movements and learning to breathe properly. These patters alone will help one to develop strength, stability, power, focus, balance, and coordination!

Make New Friends – When enrolling in our program, you will have the opportunity to meet a whole new group of people who share your interests in the Martial Arts. These relationships and friendships can certainly have a lifelong impact. Is this important? For me, it has been. TBTSDC members are well known and respected for helping each other in the programs. ​